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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Tears of Jhelum by Anita Krishan

Kashmir has seen long years of strife and turmoil, and Wali Mohammad Khan has been a silent witness to it all. The violence that terrorism unleashed in the Valley was every bit as senseless as the men who propagated it with manic intensity, but Wali managed to create a seemingly normal life for himself and his family within the protective walls of his home, naïvely believing that the madness beyond would never touch them. But Wali’s illusions get shattered when a ghost from his past returns to bring the insanity of terrorism right into his home, threatening everything he holds dear. Tears of Jhelum lays bare before us, the story of one of those victims of terrorism, whose heartbreaking stories are otherwise lost forever behind the smokescreen of apathy and indifference.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

My Review:

Tears of Jhelum talks about determination, loyalty, regrets and what could have been and how you may not get a second chance. The main protagonist of the story is Wali who is faced with life and death when the evil fangs of terrorism envelope his family.

But this is also a story of second chances and of never giving up hope. What keeps the interest built is the conviction to see if the odds favour the underdog or does this family also meet the most obvious end.
The characters are well etched and believable; though they did seem weak and too submissive/meek at times. I think may be the situation made them swing towards self preservation rather than bravery. My favourite was Nusrat; the lady who has a spine of steel to go with her motor-mouth.

Anecdotes and musings keep the pace of the book very steady and it makes for an absorbing read. The picturesque descriptions of the mesmerising land pull you towards planning a visit. The descriptive, detailed narration by the author transports you to the paradise and it made me miss the sublime nature and earthy paradise of Kashmir.
I have stayed in the Valley for 3 years so I could clearly visualise the places I had once enjoyed. The pristine beauty of a paradise slowly being marred and scarred forever.

The road blocks and hurdles faced by Wali and his family make the book and interesting read. The book also has a good balance and avoids falling in the trap of self pity and misery that Kashmir has been plunged into.

The story progresses at a fast pace and the tension builds up doing justice to the theme of terror and how it can assert itself in various unsuspecting or obvious faces.

Between the reminiscing and regrets by Wali, the author manages to keep the tempo of the book. I was turning pages and waiting for the upheaval.

TEARS OF JHELUM conveys its message very clearly and I really liked the spirit of the book. If only it was as easy to diffuse the terror that plagues the Valley.

A thoughtful, positive book which leaves a glimmer of hope that the kind, helpful spirit shall triumph however broken it might be.

I had won this book at a Goodreads Giveaway and the review is my own.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Gratitude is the key.

I totally agree with the above quote. Yes, there is always something to be thankful about. I do always appreciate it even though I might not talk about it much.

So today I share my Gratitude.........

I have been reading a lot Gratitude lists for quite some time, some blogs have a day devoted to the list others have it as an underlying theme for their blog. I took the plunge with my own gratitude list when I saw the Gratitude list linky on Cornnie's Everyday Gyaan and when I was tagged on Facebook by four very lovely, talented and beautiful ladies Christina, Sreeja Praveen, Sitara Nair Kapoor  and  Swathi Shenoy. Do click on their names to enrich your mind through their blogs.

I have been blogging about the little things which fill up my gratitude jar daily through the game of tag going on Facebook but here is my list for things that brighten up my day. I believe in the power of positivity - you should too.

My Gratitude List

1.       I am grateful for having those few minutes when I thank God for all the things he made easy for me any time of the day.

2.       I am grateful for cool blogger friends who guide me when I ask, help me when I am stuck and make me laugh too.

3.       For knowing that there is no age for learning and looking for new things to learn every day.

4.       For having supportive friends both online and offline ;) whom I can rely on at a drop of a hat.

5.       For having the love of a family (read hubby) in my life – it makes everything so much easier.

6.       Knowing my blogging and writing awaits for me each day as I return from tasks that keep me away from it.

7.       I am grateful for a kind and understanding kid who lets me be lazy and preoccupied so many times. Thank god for children and their love. They share so freely.

8.       For still being in touch with my school and college friends – it keeps my spirit and mind young. (I still think I am not a day older than 24!)

9.       For technology as it make everything about our lives so easy, connecting, simplifying and supporting.

10.   For having parents and a sibling who always encouraged me to be independent, take initiative and follow my heart.

This is my gratitude list for all times and for all the little things that make big things happen. The power of positive thinking – may it be in all your endeavors.

 .....................IT IS THE WAY.

Health & Happiness Always.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Five Favorite Blogs You Want To Visit

Blogging is a space where we find something new to read, share and write about every single day.The sheer number of  blogs ensure that we are never short of reading material or friends when we need to share and discuss something.

To choose just 5 blogs that I enjoy visiting is pretty difficult  and in advance I apologise to many others that I have missed.
Here are my top 5 writers as they have more than one blog  ;)

Nischala Murthy blogs about a lot things and I found her through the Women’s Web and since visit her blog for some great insights and tips to make my work and personal life better.

Another blog that always surprises me and makes me want to write better and more. I enjoy reading her stories. I found Damyanti through the A to Z Challenge. Her stories  and writing have a different feel and are so edgy that I feel mentally stimulated after reading them. She has two blogs and are devoted to writing.

I found Rubina’s blog also during the A to Z. She loves books as do I and are both of us are totally unapologetic about loving romance! I really liked the vast variety of books she talks about and shares. It is a good place to go and find new books and authors.

Such a young girl and so much to share and write about. ( I know that makes me sound old but its true) Stri writes about a lot that goes on around us but what I like best are the stories she spins. She shares the views of the young generation and puts a lot of spunk into her stories.

The beautiful Beloo talks about beauty and shares her beautiful thoughts through her blog. She always has a fresh take on things and the views are expressed while searching for the goodness in our lives as Beauty truly manifests through her blog.

There are many more blogs and websites many by professional writes and bloggers that are great for value addition to both our personal and professional lives but I that will be another post.
Do visit and enjoy these prolific writers, I know I do. I also want to thank Vidya and her blogs for sharing smiles and common sense. Corinne for sharing wisdom and fun. Rajlakshmi for her beautiful images and tales helping me visit beautiful places.

This is the Wednesday prompt by Write Tribe

Talk about five blogs you enjoyed visiting over the last two months and why. Share your thoughts about them. Link to them. And let them know so they can come visit you. 


A love trying to surmount all odds and differences. Today we feature the last author of the TORNADO GIVEAWAY with the last few days to win. The book is LOVE'S LABOR by ANDY PAULA.
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23rd July, 2014

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


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22nd July, 2014

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Monday, July 21, 2014


The author is shrouded in mystery, calling himself AN INDIAN adding more intrigue to the TORNADO GIVEAWAY.

INDIA WAS ONE is romance that thrives even when there is conflict making it stronger is the kind that all of us want. The story that makes us realize there are so many shades and colors of love. Grab an opportunity to read this book - a must for everyone who loves.

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21st July, 2014

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Blog Tour SCARLET REVENGE by Ann McGinnis

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Scarlet Revenge by Ann McGinnis

Sunday, July 20, 2014


BLACK is the colour of midnight, the signifier of darkness, twisting our minds and muddling our perceptions. Yet, black is most desirable, the colour women covet, the uber sexy black sari shimmering on a beautiful body, the smoky black onyx ring, the black high heels and her endless black tresses swaying as she moves.
Not to desire black would just not be possible, just as after a beautiful bright day I wait for the blissful dark night; I also wait for the black to come and relieve us from our shackles and set us free. The black night gives us liberty to free our thoughts sending them floating across the globe.
Black is flawless, it cannot be dirtied or marked. It absorbs everything and makes us feel complete. When I wear or use black, I feel so accomplished and sassy.

The 5 black things that I desire are

1.   A black solitaire ring. It is a promise of endless, perfect love. The ring on my finger would declare that the love of my life is someone special and it would make me feel cherished.

2.   The pair of black high heels – the kind a super model wears. They will make me feel so different, sexy and classy. They will remind me that I can do so much more than what I think is possible but only if I believe.

3.   A black dog – a big hulk of a dog, black as midnight, beautiful and perfect as black.
He would black, dangerous to look at, protecting me at all times. Making me feel secure and loved unconditionally as dogs do.

4.   An Assortment of Black Mugs. They will add to my collection. I am an avid collector of mugs of all colours, shapes and sizes. Even though my display cases are full I always make space for a new one. These black mugs would be perfect to add to my collection.

5.   A Sleek Sinful Black iPad – An ipad is iconic and as a book lover, reader, writer and editor nothing can be more desirable for me than owning it. It is the true interpretation of 'Black is Beautiful'.

The Heels and the Solitaire Ring would complete my wardrobe and give me the perfect party outfit. The dog and mugs are for my soul, they let me express myself as I see fit. Being a woman they have to be on my list but being a writer an iPad would be the most coveted and desired gadget helping me in my work and my passion – reading.

Writing and blogging is what my mind and heart desire; an effort of sharing my thoughts, simplifying and sharing the world as I see it. An iPad would the perfect partner in this endeavor of mine.

This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com To know more click http://whattheblack.blogadda.com/

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