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Friday, April 18, 2014

Pine Away But Why?

Through the month of April I am writing  along with over 2000 participants for the A to Z Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.
My theme for the Alphabet Challenge is WOMEN. Her multi-dimensional, multi-talented, multi-tasking  avatars. The good, the bad and the ugly; every thing you wanted to find out about women and what makes them tick!!
Infatuated, obsessed, yearning and longing for someone or something that is unattainable or no longer present.
To pine away is wasting your life and time for people and places long gone.

Lover who left you, fiance’ who jilted you, the boss that used you, the family that did not support you; all these and so many more shades of love that we lost yet we still hope that someday we might get them back.

It is like living in a fool’s paradise; trying to live in a make believe world and thinking it is the real deal.

Yes, you got a raw deal, you were insulted and humiliated but letting go will not only empower you, it will make your life happier.

So many women hang on to doomed relationships thinking that one day all of it will change and they will find their rainbow at the end of the dark cloud.
The only way it is possible is if they shed their old, stagnant emotions and just let go. Abusive partners and indifferent lovers all put a big dent in our self esteem but walking away is the best thing to do.

Forget them and begin to heal.
Have you ever pined for anyone?

Did you help a friend get over a bad relationship?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nails and Nests @ Tell A Tale

Nails Abound But Our Nests Survive.
The pigeon fluttered his wings and cooed  to his mate. She nodded and quickly flew down from the ledge. She had decided that this was the perfect place. They had finally found the home they had been looking for the past few weeks.  Continue reading 

Oh! Did I ?

The big O, the one we hesitate to talk about; the one we think doesn't exist, the O that many people think is some microscopic creature rather than the most fulfilling experience a woman can enjoy – multiple times at that.

In fact I should have done this post a lot sooner and linked it to G because the G-spot too is shrouded in mystery and tales of being a figment of imagination of most women and some progressive men! 

Don’t worry I am not trying to sensationalize my posts but how can I talk about women and not talk about their innermost desires.

Do we all not want to have the best in whatever we do?
Try our hand at a job and excel in it.
Try are hand at cooking and dish out mouth-watering treats for everyone.
Work with our children and make sure they turn out the best.
Take care of the house and heart and do a splendid job.
In fact if I ask you about anything that you do, you will tell me that you put your heart and soul into it.

Then why do women not stand up and ask for better sex?

Ask their husbands/partners to please them before they are over and done in 5 minutes?

Ask their partners to actually look for the elusive, media shy G-spot?

Why do women not bother whether they enjoyed an orgasm or not?

Men would never let it go till it’s done, then why can’t women be the same?

It is the most intimate and enjoyable fun a person can have yet we do not demand our satisfaction. Women have so many more battles to fight and mountains to surpass that they don’t bother if they don’t peak this one.

Do you think it is important for a healthy and happy relation for both partners to enjoy equally?

Do you think women are not that bothered by sex and fulfillment as men because they are wired differently?

What is their nirvana rather than a good orgasm?

Don’t be shy and share your highs with me. I just did;)

This post is for the A to Z Challenge & the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Have you ever tried to look in someone’s eye and say no?
Did you enjoy it?
Do you make a habit of saying NO?
Do you find yourself increasingly alarmed by the number of women who do not have the choice to say NO?

If you do then you are among few of the women world over who can and get away with it too.Everywhere whenever something is suggested to a women, it is expected that she will say yes or OK and agree to whatever preposterous or noble idea has been put forth in front of her.

Some of us who do manage the courage to say no are then subjected to ridicule, anger, abuse and even boycott ! Very few of us actually have the choice and fewer even have the guts to say no; no matter what the question.

I for one make it a habit of saying NO first and thinking of consequences later. That is equally bad but it has become a habit with me because I see everywhere people have a need of steamrolling women into agreeing to anything.(Maybe it is the I in Inderpreet.)

I do say no to myself too sometimes; just so I don’t forget the guts to say no.
I feel whenever we say no to others we say ‘Yes’ to ourselves, our decisions and our own plans. Look into a mirror and practice saying NO for yourself.

Remember that NO is a YES as it let’s you be your own boss. You have a freedom of choice; utilize it. Saying NO means that you have the choice of saying YES to something that is important for you.

From the color of your dress or the route you take to office or the partner you choose; even how you choose all of the above, remember you can say NO.

Do you get struck with a YES because you want to please your loved ones? (They will understand your No if they really love you.)

Do you say NO as often as you would like to?

Do you agree a NO is a YES for yourself?

This post is for the A to Z Challenge & the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Daughter or Daughter-in-law?

Have you faced a similar dilemma?
When in trouble, whom does a parent turn too?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


As I thought about writing my post for the letter “M” so many words popped up like, Mother – our life giver, Measurements – the kind we women are obsessed with, Money – that is an issue in our lives and Marriage – one of the most important decision in our lives.

My thoughts got drawn to my favorite pastime of reading and the books that always brighten my day. Yes, the most popular or favorite chick-lit or the Rom – com genre and the guy is always the rich and handsome kind and most often than not the girl is out on her luck.

True love is involved but it does start out with money or the lack of it. So many stories show the power of the man and his very obvious fortune that opens all doors for him. The young, determined girl having to compromise her decisions, career and even her life.

That she eventually finds true love is important but the helplessness of the lady always bugs me to no end. I do prefer the fiery, determined and opinionated girl who drives the guy up the proverbial wall. She pushes back when pushed and fights for her beliefs.

OK, OK I am digressing here from my word for the day - Money and why you should not marry for it. Married for money or money for marriage is a thought that is in the limelight often enough in our society.

Dowry is a silent monster that lurks in the homes of the richest to the poorest. It is not just restricted to the money or gifts but the endless demands that plague the girl and her family to no end.

Today I request everyone to marry only for love and to marry someone you can face on the days when there is no money; only friendship and understanding.

You should rather marry a man with a rich soul and live in comfort than marry a guy who looks for material comforts and keeps you in turmoil.
So much has been written and said on this yet I feel there is a lot more to say; to spread the word till the last of dowry demands are defeated.

Money is very important but not so much that it rules your life. A satisfied person will always feel blessed with what little he has and a greedy one will never have enough. So marry for the right reason and let the reason be a fine mind and a good soul.

Have you met someone who was so greedy you could see the money in their eyes?
What did you marry for?
What is your motivator?
Do remember the first instinctive thought you had when you met you life partner?
What prompted you to marry the person you did?

My  post for the Alphabet 'M' written for 

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